Feeling like your backside could be a bit more shape but not interested in the pain and hassle of surgery?

How does a safe and effective filler that requires no incisions or surgery sound? You need the best Sculptra BBL in Silver Spring!

How Does Sculptra Work?

Sculptra is a cosmetic injectable that when injected under the skin stimulates collagen and volume production.

This isn’t an instant BBL; results will show over a six to 12 week period of time.

Does a Sculptra BBL Hurt?

You may experience a little discomfort while the area is being numbed, but the treatment itself isn’t painful at all.

What About Recovery? How Long Do I Have to Wait to Exercise Again?

Most patients report it takes a couple of days to a week to recover after a Sculptra BBL, and they do experience some bruising. Compared to weeks of recovery needed for surgery, it’s not bad at all!

It is recommended you wait at least 24 hours to start exercising again.

So, What Are the Benefits of the Best Sculptra BBL in Silver Spring?

The benefits of Sculptra are amazing! Not only are the risks of surgery completely eliminated, but you can sit on your butt right after treatment.

The cause of saggy skin is the loss of collagen and elastin as we age. Sculptra addresses the cause by boosting collagen production. You’ll also see improved skin texture and tone. Expect natural looking results, too!

Ready for a Stunning Backside? You Need a Sculptra BBL From beBold Aesthetics!

Chavi Orlofsky, MSN, FNP-C is considered an artist among her peers and patients. She often exceeds her client’s expectations due to her honest and natural approach to the services offered at beBold, including the best Sculptra BBL in Silver Spring!

If you’re ready for a beautifully sculpted backside, give us a call at 301-635-4396 to schedule your consultation. We’re excited to speak with you!

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