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Cheek Fillers in
Silver Spring, MD

Looking to enhance the look of your cheeks? Cheek filler, used to perform a liquid cheek lift, enhances your cheeks and mid-face to help rejuvenate this area.

The result is a contoured look that also helps to define your jaw, nasolabial folds, and under-eye area.

Used To Treat

  • Cheek Lift
  • Enhance Mid Face
  • Define Under Eyes

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Belotero

Chavi is a true pro when it comes to tasteful, youthful botox and filler application. Her approach is like an artist and I’ve never not been beyond satisfied. I’d let nobody else near my face.

Amanda McCoy

Why Choose Cheek Filler for Facial Rejuvenation?

If you desire an easy treatment that will give you more cheek volume and result in gorgeous contouring, a tightened mid and lower face, and an overall more youthful appearance, you should choose this amazing injectable treatment!

No surgery, no anesthesia, no scarring, and no downtime are necessary at all.

What Does Filler for Cheeks Feel Like?

Cheek fillers like Juvéderm Voluma XC are similar to other dermal filler injections, only requiring topical anesthesia. You may experience pinching, but there is little to no pain. 

When Will I See Cheek Filler Results?

After your cheek filler, you should notice the results immediately. You may experience minor swelling and bruising, but that will go away within a couple of days, and you can use ice to help diminish the side effects.

Results from filler for cheeks typically last about nine to 12 months, but you may see improvement for up to two years!

Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek Filler?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate for cheek filler if they want to restore lost facial volume or simply desire fuller cheeks for a youthful, contoured appearance. You should be an adult in overall good health with realistic expectations about treatment. If you are interested, book a consultation with a dermal filler specialist to see if you qualify for cheek fillers.

Where Is the Best Place to Get Cheek Filler in Silver Spring?

It’s incredibly important to find someone who is experienced in injecting cheek filler to give you the best results. At BeBold Aesthetics, our team is very experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best care and results possible! Contact us at 301-635-4396 or send us a text at 443-904-6405 to schedule a consultation today!


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