Laser hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal methods.

But, a few misconceptions prevail to this day, especially about the duration of its results. So, how long does laser hair removal really last? Keep reading for the truth!

Fact or Fiction: Is Laser Hair Removal Actually Permanent?

For the longest time, laser hair removal (LHR) has been referred to as a permanent way to remove unwanted hair – but is that actually the truth? Well, yes and no. LHR is more accurately described as permanent hair reduction than removal.

Truly permanent results are only achieved when the hair follicle itself is completely destroyed and not just damaged. Luckily, modern laser systems like Forever Bare are advanced and capable of destroying more follicles than they damage.

Ultimately, permanent laser hair removal is possible but not necessarily a guarantee.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Really Last If It’s Not Permanent?

If it’s not permanent, then how long does laser hair removal really last? When you invest your time and money into a procedure, you want to get the most out of it, and you sure will with LHR!

After a completed series of treatments, most people can expect smooth, soft, and hairless skin for at least a few years. Sometimes, your results may last years or be permanent. More often than not, though, some level of regrowth is normal and to be expected.

Fortunately, laser hair removal does offer permanent reduction, meaning that any hairs that do grow back are lighter, finer, sparser, and much easier to manage.

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