Lip fillers are a staple in the world of aesthetics, and if you’re one of the many people considering them, you’re probably curious about the cost.

How much are lip fillers in Gaithersburg? Is the price worth the results? Keep reading to find out!

Does Insurance Cover Lip Fillers? How Does Payment Work?

Unfortunately, health insurance is going to help you when it comes to getting lip fillers – or really any other cosmetic procedure for that matter. This is because lip filler is a purely elective treatment, meaning it is not medically necessary.

Instead, you’re going to have to pay out of pocket. You can either pay for the entire service upfront or in increments with financing through providers such as CareCredit. Not all medical spas offer the latter, so make sure to ask. You can also use loyalty programs like Allē on cosmetic treatments for money-saving rewards.

How Much Are Lip Fillers in Gaithersburg? Are They Worth It?

If you’re wondering, “How much are lip fillers in Gaithersburg,” you’re not alone. Ultimately, the cost of lip fillers varies, however the average treatment is estimated to cost around $750. That being said, treatments can reach up to over $5,000, although this is rare.

More often than not, lip filler is priced based on type of filler, your injector’s experience and, most importantly, the amount you use. For example, Juvéderm, a popular choice for lip filler, is priced at $500 to $600 per syringe. So, if you use more than one syringe, you can expect to pay more.

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