Laser hair removal (LHR) is one of the most popular ways to banish your unwanted hair, and for good reason. When you compare it to shaving, waxing, tweezing, or creams, laser hair removal is just so much easier, and the results are superior.

It can be a financial commitment if you choose to have a lot of hair removed, so just how much does laser hair removal cost in Silver Spring?

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

LHR uses a laser to target the pigment, or melanin, in hair follicles, heating it up and destroying it. This process altogether prevents the hair from growing back or delays it for a long time.

Hair growth has a cycle, and this process works best during the growth phase.  Because your hair is constantly growing, you typically need multiple sessions to ensure that all hairs are captured during the growth phase.

Laser hair removal is very effective, and the results are long lasting but they are not necessarily permanent. You want to be sure you have realistic expectations and remember that if you want the best results, you will probably need to go back for follow-up treatments to maintain your silky smooth look.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Silver Spring?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on a number of factors, the biggest of which are the area(s) you are having hair removed from and how many sessions your provider recommends for the best results. It is also going to depend on where you live, as well as your provider and their experience.

The cost can range anywhere from $100 to $800. You can expect to be paying on the higher price end for large areas such as your back or legs. If you are treating a smaller area, like your underarms, face, or chin, you can expect to pay the lower end

During an LHR consultation, you will be able to get a better idea of the cost. Your laser provider will estimate the number of sessions you need and your cost per session.

Many practitioners offer large discounts for paying upfront for all of your sessions and / or treating multiple areas at once. Be sure to ask about special offers as well. New patients often receive discounted pricing for their first visit.

How Many Treatments Should I Expect for Sensational Results?

The number of treatments you need also depends on multiple factors that your provider will discuss with you during your consultation. Your skin type and hair play a role in this.

After your first treatment, you will notice that your hair is finer and lighter. But in order to be hair free, you may need anywhere from two to twelve treatments, spaced every four to six weeks for optimal results.

It is also recommended that you continue your treatments once a year or whenever you notice the hair growing back. Hair growth is different for everyone, so for some it is as soon as six months, while for others it can take years before follow-up treatments are necessary.

Here’s Why You Should Choose LHR

Laser hair removal has so many benefits!

One of the major benefits is the long lasting results. You will save so much time on grooming now that shaving and waxing are no longer a part of your routine. And, when you compare waxing and laser hair removal there is much less pain.

You will most likely find that your skin is smoother and has a better tone, thanks to the laser. You will also not be suffering from ingrown hairs.

There is a lot to love about laser hair removal, which explains why it is one of the fastest growing treatments in the country.

The cost may initially seem like a downside, as it can be expensive. If you are opting for full body laser hair removal and you need the maximum number of sessions, then you can expect to invest thousands of dollars. But, you should know that women will spend $10,000 on shaving supplies over the course of a lifetime, and that number will only rise with inflation.

Plus, women shave about 7,718 times in their lives. What is the true cost of spending so much time and money shaving? If you’re waxing, you can expect to spend even more money in the long run!

What’s LHR Aftercare Like?

It’s a breeze, and you won’t have any downtime afterward. You need to avoid UV exposure including from the sun and tanning while being treated. You need to apply sunscreen when you plan to spend time outdoors.

For a few days after each session, you want to avoid heavy exercise and sweating or swimming. This helps prevent infection.

You may find that the treated areas are swollen and / or red after treatment. Typically, this doesn’t last long, and the symptoms go away on their own.

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