You’ve been unhappy with the shape and size of your lips and have decided lip filler is the solution. That’s fantastic!

So, how do you get the best lip filler near Silver Spring right now? The best lip filler results depend on how you prepare, as well as how you care for yourself afterward. 

I’m Excited About Getting Lip Filler! How Do I Prepare for My Treatment? 

Lip filler brands like Juvéderm and Restylane are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid that is easily and safely absorbed by your body. While safe, this isn’t a treatment you can do on a whim. You do need to take time to prepare for your injections. In addition to the following recommendations, be sure to follow the advice of your injector.

One Week Before Lip Filler Injections: 

  • Stop taking blood thinning medications. This includes over-the-counter meds as well. Make sure you get the okay from your doctor before you stop taking any medications.
  • You should also stop taking supplements that thin your blood as advised by your healthcare provider. St. John’s Wort and Ginkgo have a blood thinning effect. 

Two Days Prior to Lip Filler: 

  • Stop using anti-aging products, especially those that contain retinol, retinoids, and glycolic acid.
  • Be careful with hair removal products around your lips. Waxing, bleaching, and tweezing might affect your results.

One Day Before Lip Injections:

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before your lip filler treatment.

What Should I Do on the Day of My Lip Filler Appointment?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind for the day of your lip filler appointment. You should arrive with a clean, makeup-free face. 

While the injections aren’t considered painful and are usually well tolerated, you need to ask about a topical anesthetic before your treatment begins if pain is a concern. It’ll need a bit of time to kick in. 

What Should I Expect After Lip Filler Injections? 

The best lip filler near Silver Spring right now not only depends on how you prepare but aftercare as well. Many providers suggest using arnica, a natural supplement that minimizes bruising. If you’re sore, it’s okay to take acetaminophen as needed.

You may experience some minor bruising, swelling, and / or itching after your lip filler treatment. However, don’t pick at, scratch, or put pressure on the area. These side effects go away on their own within a few days. 

I’m Concerned About Bruising – Do You Have Other Tips to Help Manage Bruising After Lip Filler Injections? 

It’s normal to be concerned, and there are easy steps you can take to help minimize bruising after lip filler. It’s important to not only avoid alcohol before your injections, but you should not drink afterward either. 

It’s helpful to apply an ice pack on the treatment area too. This helps with both swelling and bruising. You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours after your lip filler treatment. 

How Do I Know Lip Filler Is Right for Me?

Before receiving any cosmetic injectable, it is recommended you have a consultation with your provider. You’ll need an evaluation to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed. 

This meeting is also your opportunity to share your aesthetic goals and ask questions. You’ll receive full pre- and post-lip filler injection instructions that should be followed carefully for the best possible results. 

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