Botox relaxes muscle action to diminish wrinkles, and is used primarily for the treatment of glabellar lines, transverse forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

Botox is also used as a preventative measure. While Botox is capable of great results and is a good investment, the results you get are largely dependent on having a capable cosmetic surgeon or injector.

So, if you’re looking into Botox, here are some tips on finding the best Botox results in Gaithersburg, MD.

How Does Botox Work?

A Botox procedure is a simple, non-invasive, physician-administered treatment. Botox treatments involve the injection of botulinum toxin into any specific areas that you want treated in order to temporarily smooth any fine lines, wrinkles, and furrows caused by recurring facial movements. 

The objective with Botox is to create a youthful, more relaxed, and refreshed-looking appearance by injecting just enough units of Botox into the necessary areas. Too much of the drug and in the wrong place will not get you a natural look but make you look frozen, stiff, or expressionless. 

After the procedure, you’ll want to take it easy for a while, though that doesn’t mean you have to laze around at home all day. Be sure to avoid strenuous activities, massaging your face, and too much sun exposure! If you weren’t already applying sunscreen everyday, be sure to start, though remember to be gentle.

What Should I Look For In An Injector?

  • Only go to a medical professional; Make sure your injector has board-certification. If your injector isn’t licensed or specifically trained in Botox injections, then your likelihood of having botched Botox increases exponentially! The most natural and effective outcomes with Botox require careful attention to detail, technical finesse, and experience. Your provider should be a board-certified plastic surgeon with a good understanding of facial anatomy.
  • Make sure they take into account your previous medical history; Botox is a highly personalized treatment plan. Your injector should be sure that nothing they do will interfere with any previous medical procedures and that the injections will compliment your natural face shape. It’s a huge red flag if they do not personalize your plan at all.
  • Schedule a consultation before anything; Take the time to inspect the facilities and talk with the staff. Be sure you like their bedside manner and that you feel comfortable and safe with your provider. There’s no shame in taking your time to find the injector who makes you feel most at ease and consultations can help with that.
  • Reasonable, affordable pricing; Botox costs can be tricky to navigate. On one hand, nobody wants to pay an outrageous sum of money for results that you might not even like. However, you also do not want to pay a suspiciously low amount of money either. It could be a sign that the Botox being used is not certified or that it was acquired in less than legal ways. It’s important to find the middle ground- not overly expensive, but not too cheap.

What Is The Procedure Like For Botox?

Botox injections are performed after the identification of areas of muscle activity, and the injections only take minutes to administer. There is little to no downtime after Botox, but you should relax and take the first few days afterward easy.

The effects of Botox become noticeable in about two to three days, the full effect in about seven days, and the duration of your injections is about three months, however this may be shorter or longer depending upon the individual, the areas treated, and the Botox treatment dose.

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