No one wants sub-par results from cosmetic injections, especially when it comes to your face! So of course you want to find the #1 Botox injector in Darnestown so you love your refreshed look.

But, how do you narrow down your list after getting referrals and checking prices?

  1. Look at Before / After Photos of Their Actual Patients

The best way to see if an injector is right for you is to look at pictures of their patients to get an idea of their aesthetic. You may not have thought of it this way, but Botox injection is an art, and each artist-injector has their own style. Make sure you appreciate their results, because they may be the best injector in town but still not be right for you if not.

  1. Verify Background

All it takes is a bit of research. Your first priority should be researching the credentials of anyone who administers Botox. That person must be a licensed medical professional, such as an MD, RN, PA, or NP. Look at how long they’ve been in practice and more specifically how long they’ve been injecting Botox.

Also, take a moment to read online reviews to learn more about providers and their practice as a whole. Google, Reppster, and Yelp are great resources to gain insight from an injector’s patients.

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