Miss your soft, plump skin?

You are not alone. Aging and other environmental factors can cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Here’s the solution:

Botox and Dysport are common injectables that reduce wrinkles and signs of aging on your face.

While they may be similar, they have different uses.

Keep reading to know the differences and what may be the best option for you.

More About Dysport

It flattens wrinkles on the glabella. These glabella lines are more prominent if you squint or frown. Dysport is an excellent option for moderate to severe glabella lines. It is not a great option for mild lines. 

Your expert will help you understand if you have mild or severe glabella lines.

Results are immediate and are visible for about five months. You may need regular sessions to maintain the results.

A Word on Botox

It is an FDA-approved treatment for fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), forehead lines, and glabellar lines.

Botox results can also be seen immediately and last longer than six months.

Which Is The Best Option For You?

Everyone had a different biological makeup. So, needs and results vary from one person to another. The best option for you also depends on your cosmetic goals. 

The best way to know is by visiting an expert. They will examine your skin and discuss your goals before deciding the best option for you.

How to find the best Botox in Kensington, Maryland?

No matter the type of treatment you choose, it’s essential to find the right professional. It is best to get the procedure done by a board-certified expert.

beBold Aesthetics takes pride in offering the most respected brands for your beauty needs. Every injection offers you the best quality from our experienced team. 

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