Let’s talk about all the amazing things we can do with Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

We all know that we can use Botox on the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet, however I have a secret to share. I will not do just one of those areas alone since all the muscles work together.  Here’s why:

The frontalis muscle (forehead) is what holds the eyebrows up. When Botox is injected it relaxes that muscle causing the brows to be lower. That doesn’t sound good, don’t worry, that is why I treat the crow’s feet (orbicularis Oculi); the opposing muscle that allows for the eye to open and raise the brows. Does that all make sense? Basically, we treat all 3 areas to make sure we maintain brow integrity and also give a nice brow lift.

Where else can we inject Botox?

  1. Bunny lines- the area on the nose that we scrunch, don’t worry, I’ve that covered.
  2. A little jelly eye roll under the eye – Botox will solve that also.
  3. A gummy smile: that is an easy fix with Botox (secret- I always do the lip flip with this to enhance the final outcome).
  4. Nose point down? Want it to point up more? Botox has got you covered.
  5. Want a bigger top lip? Let’s flip! I do this a lot before placing filler to relax the muscle on top of the upper lip. This makes the lip flip up and its amazing. Disclaimer: for about 10 days it might be hard to purse your lips, drink from a straw… but don’t worry that will go away.
  6. Chin dimpling? Botox can relax the mentalis and make the chin smooth.
  7. Do the corners of your mouth come down? No worries! A little Botox into the DAO muscle and that is fixed.
  8. Neck lines bothering you (Platysmal bands )? Botox can make that tighter with just a few injections.

Something else to know…It’s called Micro Tox!

There is something called Micro Tox- this is a mixture of Botox, lidocaine with epinephrine and saline. This amazing blend for certain areas.  Under eye starting to become saggy? Micor Tox is the answer. This relaxes the area and bye-bye creepiness. I also use this on the horizontal neck lines. Basically, where we have lines, we can Micro Tox and lesion those neck lines.  This can be used in so many areas superficially to take away unwanted lines.

Amazing. I know.

Botox rules: It is so normal to feel heavy for 7-10 days post injections.

Pre/After Treatment Reminders

Okay beautiful. Now that you’re feeling fresh (or about to be), here are the things I need you not to do to keep it that way:

Ahead of Your Appointment and Immediately Following

  1. Sorry, no pain killers. Avoid Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve and all other NSAID’s 10 days prior to your appointment. #beautyispain #dontworrywewillnumbyou
  2. Happy hour? Not today.  Avoid drinking 24-hours prior to and following your appointment. #itsnotfiveoclocksomewhere
  3. You’ll love this one. NO EXERCISE for 24 hours following your treatment. #cheatday
  4. No naps. Keep your head above your heart for at least 4 hours following your treatment. #whatissleepanyway
  5. Look, but don’t touch. Don’t rub, touch, pat, or apply makeup following your treatment (or ever really – minus the makeup part) No makeup for at least 12 hours. #donttouch
  6. Sorry sun goddess, not today. No sun exposure for at least 24 hours please. #youwontbepalein24hours
  7. Avoid topical products like Retin-A, “anti-aging”, glycolic acid, or retinoids 48 hours post treatment.  #letusbeyourantiaging
  8. Save the hair removal for another day. Avoid waxing, bleeching, tweezing or using hair removal cream on your area to be treated. #hairdontcare
  9. No dental work 6 weeks before and after treatment


Unfortunately, fillers and botox may not be used if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Will it feel like an eternity and you’ll think you’re suddenly looking 10 years older? Yes (even though that’s not the case). But that’s okay, that’ll come from lack of sleep once the little is here. So, just hold steady and wait for the ultimate refresh when you’re done breast feeding.

If you suffer from cold sores, a needle puncture may contribute to an eruption of cold sores. Please let us know if you are prone prior to your service.

That’s it! beUnique. beYou. BeBold.

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