Judgement or Praise? Botox randomly comes up in a conversation and you sit back and wait for the reaction. You can image we have heard all the arguments. We understand aging is natural and we should love ourselves just the way we are. Of course, we should, but then there are things like lipstick, tinted moisturizers, lash extensions, hair extensions, and well, our buddy Botox. All enhance, just in different ways.

Did you know that Botox is an FDA medication that is used around the world for purposes cosmetic and medical. People’s lives are being changed based on the power of Botox.

Each year we are finding more and more uses for this wonder drug, including:

  • Chronic migraines
  • Clenching and teeth grinding
  • Side effect relief from certain types of sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Excessive sweating (guys, Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, Frederick, Leesburg, etc.. are heating up!
  • Bell’s Palsy symmetry adjustment
  • Strabismus (cross eye)
  • Blepharospasm (eyelid spasms)
  • Cervical dystonia

I could keep the list going. The take home is that Botox is a wonder medication that helps people medically and emotionally.

So, you are telling me that all of that can be done by using Botox? YES!

We have patients that we see that squint and scowl and do not even know that they are doing it. Yes, they wonder why like clockwork they are getting headaches every day!

Now look, we do not want to pretend that we also don’t love Botox for its lessening of fine lines and wrinkles. It really is incredible what Botox can do for anti-aging. If there was ever a fountain of youth, Botox would be in there. The modality of Botox is incredible.

Many of my patients who get Botox report having less migraines, needing to use their migraine relive less and all their lines are gone as well.

In practice we use Botox in multiple modalities. Botox can be used for treating a medical condition called TMJ and the cosmetic result is that there is facial slimming,

Are you ready to make beBold Aesthetics and Botox your best friend?

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