If I could give you one piece of provide advice, it would be to look for someone who:

  1. Knows Anatomy – I mean, duh! But this is key. Some injectors do not understand that filling under eyes instead of addressing the cheeks can provide poor results.
  2. Has a Wide Product Selection – this is huge. Some providers only carry certain injectable lines. Having a wide selection of the best products gives the most flexibility with achieving your desired results.
  3. Has an Artistic Eye – a natural, artistic eye at that.
  4. Delivers an Honest Recommendation – you should never get the feel that this is a focus on the upsell.
  5. Cares! Your appointment shouldn’t be a time slot. If you have questions, you shouldn’t be rushed. Afterall, it’s your face and body!

These are things that would be important to me. They’re the standards that I hold myself to with every new person that hits my chair. There are so many injectors out there, however all these aspects have to come together for amazing results.

So here’s a little about me and my experience because I think sharing it is important.

I graduated from Georgetown University at the top of my class. I fell into aesthetic medicine and it is the top best 4 things to happen to me. My hubby, 2 boys and aesthetic medicine. So, anatomy and being a safe injector is the forefront of my practice.

Injecting is an art. There has to be passion and love behind it. There has to be devotion. There has to be a thirst for always knowing and learning the newest techniques and evaluating what works and what is a fad! I am always researching, keeping up with my top injectors for sharing tips and tricks of the trade. Watching countless trainings (because thanks COVID) and in constant contact with my injector mentors. This is what makes me feel like I can deliver you the best…every single time. I’m always learning and growing.

I never over sell. I always start with the smallest amount and say come back and see me in 2-4 weeks to re-evaluate. Less is more in this industry since adding is not an issue and reversing well that’s no fun! I think for each patient, if this was my sister or brother what would I recommend and that is how I treat each person.

I have patients come in all the time looking to treat an area and I have to show them a whole different point of view of what we can do to achieve their goals. The reason I do this is because I care about the results and know what the best way to make you feel refreshed and confident in the safest way. This takes trust between each patient and myself which I place a large emphasis on. I am looking to achieve natural results with the least amount of product needed. That being said I always say “you can always add we don’t want to take out… let’s go slow and steady.”

One thing to highlight is that I truly care. I follow up with each patient personally. I make sure that they understand why we are doing what we are doing and the product selection. I make sure to make each patient a part of the process and answer all questions prior to any injection. I treat you just as I would want to be treated. You will never just be a number with beBold Aesthetics.

As a successful business owner and top injector, I feel confident to say I poses all the qualities to give outstanding results. I hope I’ll get to see you soon!

beYou, beUnique, beBold.

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