Interested in a smoother, more even complexion, but not into injectables (if you are, even better!)? No worries. Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Micro-needling!

What is Micro-needling?

Four words. Tighter. Firmer. Smooth. Skin. This little secret is a boost of collagen delivered through rebuilding the skin. Sure, we have to first cause small injuries to trigger that collagen rebuilding, but the results are intense. Needles causing injury to my skin… builds collagen? Yep! Sure does.  But don’t fret sis. Prior to treatment you’ll get a numbing cream to apply ahead of your appointment. Most clients say it’s actually calming – just a smooth vibrating on the skin.

Who should Miconeedle?

Your mom, sister, brother, husband, best friend – basically everyone. Once a year is a solid treatment as part of a traditional “normal” skin regimine. For clients with specific concerns like reducing fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, stretch marks, surgical and acne scars, I take a 3 treatment approach.  Three treatments, one month apart. Everyone is different, so your skin may require more or less.

What do I look like or feel like after?

After treatment, the skin will be red (think a day in the sun without sunscreen). You will experience a feeling of tightness and possibly a mild irritation to the skin afterwards that will go away a few hours after the treatment. Peeling and dry skin is common, usually kicking in around day 3 and 4. Don’t worry, that’s just your new skin cells surfacing. Real talk basically for 5 days you will be red, tight, dry and peeling.

What are the rules post treatment?

I give you all the skin care needed for post treatment. Its super easy and there is a written handout so you don’t forget a step. Don’t use your own skin care for 5 days, use the products I gave you. No makeup alert!  NO make up for 5 days after the treatment. If you really need to apply, Day 3 you can use a mineral based foundation (Bare Minerals, or it should have 5 or less ingredients). Skip any retinol or waxing for a full 7 days.

Can I get filler and Botox the same day I get Micro-needling?

No and yes. Fillers, no. We will wait a minimum of 3 weeks before/after micro-needling for filler treatment. Botox, YES! Even better, you’ll be numb. One perk of the combo of micro-needling and Botox on the same day!

Who cannot do micro-needling?

  • Active infections – viral, fungal, bacterial
  • Cancer treatment
  • Prone to Keloid formation
  • Rashes on the treatment area
  • Skin cancer
  • Active acne
  • Skin related autoimmune disorders
  • Clients on blood thinners both prescription and over the counter
  • Recent ablative dermal procedures
  • Pregnant or breast feeding

Want to make your skin the best it can be?

It’s super simple! Just follow these few steps:

♥ Micro-needling once a year

♥ Good skin care products that match your individual needs

♥ If you’re into it, a touch of Botox and Fillers (of course!)

Remember, be you. be unique, beBold. 

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