What is the Russian Lip?

Russians are considered to be one of the most beautiful nationalities. The Russian Lip filler technique shapes the lips into a subtle heart shape with more volume near the center, much like a Russian doll.


Russian lip is a technique used when product is vertically injected starting at the base of the lip and inject product while retrograding (coming out) to the vermillion border. This allows product to be focused in the central part of the lips (between the nares) and is a heart shape like a “Russian Doll”!! This is done for newbies and other clients who want a natural beautiful lip!!!

Unlike traditional lip filler, the Russian Lip technique injects the vertically starting at the base of the lip and drawing the product outward toward the lip border. Rather than starting from the lip border and working inward, we work the product from the inside out.

What product do I use?

Juvederm Ultra plus,  Juvederm Vollure. Restylane classic, Restylane Kysse.. These are my products I love to use for this technique.

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