Take a Pause: Why Not to Mix Your Injectables and the COVID Vaccine

Are the COVID Vaccine and Fillers Safe?

Here is the real deal… the COVID vaccine is so new, however, we know that getting any vaccine such as the flu shoo, a rare reaction is possible. It’s not probable, but there is the small chance for swelling to occur. This really isn’t new… since we know that any vaccine, common cold, or sinus infection has a risk to induce swelling with filler.

What is the rare reaction?

It’s just like when you get filler. There is swelling and tenderness for a week – that is the rare reaction. It feels like you just got fillers. No big, right? Well, not really. Read on.

Why is there swelling with Vaccines?

A vaccine induces an immune (delayed hypersensitivity) response which can cause a reaction that is very rare such as filler swelling. It just like when you get filler for the first time… there is swelling and tenderness (this can also happen if you get a cold or sinus infection, any time our body is having an immune response filler can swell). Even if the filler was placed a year ago, there is still the possibility that with any vaccine there is swelling. Please don’t worry – the swelling will come down just like it did after the injections.

What can I do if I get swelling?

Call me. There are treatments I can recommend. Antihistamines will help with the swelling and is the treatment for this issue at any point.

What does this mean?

The recommendation across the aesthetic field is to wait 2 weeks after your second dose to get fillers. This is the safest approach to ensure we are being proactive and not reactive. This makes sure that your body has mounted an immune response and then we are good to have filler.

Do not worry…I am always here and it’s better to be safe, so wait 2 weeks from the last dose and then come and feel refreshed and safe. Safety is my highest priority.

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