Why we’re loving Kybella! And no, not just because it blasts fat (but kind of).

What is Kybella?

Deoxycholic acid, say that 5 times fast! This acid is in our body and is a molecule that aids the breakdown and absorption of fat. When we inject Kybella, Deoxycholic acid, (fat killer) into the chin, pre- jawels, bra roll, jelly roll, abdomen, the fat cells are destroyed. Yep, you heard me right… destroyed! Treatment areas are really any area that has a pocket of fat that is unwanted.  This makes it so that the cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. Ok, sign me up, right?!!!

This is non-surgical, it is an injectable! Unlike lipo which blasts fat, there’s no anesthesia and limited down time.

What do I really need to know?

  • Kybella causes swelling, not just a bit but a large amount of swelling.  Again, be ready to have 7 double chins after a kybella treatment. You will look like a blow fish for about 7-10 days. Plan accordingly.
  • This is not a one and done treatment. Usually, most people need at least 2-3 treatments each spaced 4 weeks apart.
  • I always recommend between 2-4 vials of Kybella depending on the area being treated, amount of fat, and desired outcome.
  • The skin in the area around the fat will constrict and get tighter, BUT this is not used for skin tightening this is used for dissolving fat.

Is there down time?

No, BUT there can be redness, tenderness, and like I emphasized before, there will be swelling. There is also the risk of bruising.

How long does Kybella last?

Okay, I said permanent…so once we get you to the happy place, you are golden.

What do I do the Day of Treatment?

  • Come to the appointment with a smile and clean face. No makeup please.
  • You may experience a mild amount of tenderness or stinging during and following injection
  • Redness and swelling are normal.

Post treatment

  • It is normal to be red, tender, and swollen for several days after injection, and bruising well that can happen.
  • Please continue to ice the area for one to three hours up to 24 hours at 15-minute intervals post procedure.
  • No make up for 12 hours, no drinking 24 hours, NO EXERCISE for 24 hours
  • No sun exposure for at least 24 hours please.

Ready to tighten and tone? Let’s blast some fat! Give me a shout anytime for a quick consult.

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